BKK - exclusively for members of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank offers its employees a special benefit in the field of health: their very own company health insurance fund. We are a statutory German health insurance fund – exclusively for the employees of Deutsche Bank.

We know the expectations of our members when it comes to quality, service and speed

Unlike any other health insurance company, we know the structures of the bank, the requirements of bank employees and the expectations of our members when it comes to quality, service and speed. We offer a high quality level with best value for money and are expanding this continuously.

Our advice is provided by colleagues for colleagues: Our personal English-speaking customer support staff are also employees of Deutsche Bank. Thus we offer you competent, individual support unlike any other health insurance fund. This is confirmed by the high level of satisfaction found among our members. At the same time, your personal data is protected by us.

The BKK is also the health insurance fund for the whole family, because, of course, our protection also extends to all your family members. If you wish, we can offer life-long cover.

Special additional benefits

The German health insurance system offers its members a high level of statutory benefits. However, the Deutsche Bank Health Insurance Fund goes one step further: We offer you a variety of additional benefits that go beyond the legal framework and distinguish us from other health insurers.

Additional benefits with a value of EUR 360 per year: BKK Premium Plus

From day one of your membership, you will benefit directly from our free add-on services.

For example, our BKK Premium Plus all-round health- care package covers alternative treatment methods or higher benefits for dental treatments and sports medicine check-ups. The choice is yours: decide for yourself which offers you would like to use – individually tailored to your needs, of course.

Medical advice – mediLine

You can contact doctors, specialists and medically- trained advisors around the clock, 365 days a year, with any question relating to your health. Whether you want advice on a drug or details of the nearest emergency service, have questions about nutrition or treatment and therapy methods – we are always there for you with mediLine: 0211 9065-651.

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A little pinprick can effectively prevent dangerous in- fectious diseases. Vaccinations offer reliable protection against sometimes serious and life-threatening health risks. The BKK has very extensive reimbursement provisions for medically prescribed vaccinations, also for travelling abroad.

Medical appointments – reduce your waiting time

We are at your side with our BKK ArztterminPlus programme: Unable to find a suitable doctor in your area or told you have to wait for an appointment with a specialist? If you wish, we can find a doctor for you and arrange for a timely appointment with any approved specialist and hospital outpatient clinic. Of course, we will also try to get you an earlier appointment. You can reach BKK ArztterminPlus at: 0211 9065-653.

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Additional benefits for families

A family-friendly service is very important to us – with insurance cover geared to the needs of families. Attractive additional benefits include services for expectant mothers, children and adolescents, and special services – with us you can relax in the knowledge that you and your family are in safe hands. For example, we cover special preventive paediatric check-ups and support antenatal courses, as well as midwifery services.

Bonus programme

Our BKK BonusPlus programme aims to reward those who actively behave in a health-conscious way, for example, taking advantage of offers such as cancer screening, vaccinations or health courses.

In addition to numerous non-cash bonuses, you will also receive vouchers for health services in our reward shop.

Additional cover

In cooperation with Barmenia Health Insurance we offer you a wide range of additional services under the ExtraPlus banner.

From medical treatment to dentures, many health insurance benefits can be supplemented individually and cost-effectively by our members. You are welcome to contact us for advice.

Health services for Deutsche Bank employees

We are the only health insurance provider to offer extensive services directly at a local level in the Deutsche Bank branches: We provide workshops, campaign days and lectures on various health topics, such as healthy eating, physical and mental fitness, advice on ergo- nomic efficiency and spinal issues or flu vaccine.

Further information on the health services on offer at Deutsche Bank can be found on the bank’s intranet:

HR-Connect > Pay & Benefits > Health

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