Health insurance card

If you visit the doctor or dentist or need to go to hospital, you will be treated upon presentation of your health insurance card.

We require a passport photo

You will receive the health insurance card at the start of your insurance cover by the company health insurance fund. For this purpose, we require a passport photo on which your face is clearly recognisable.

There are various ways in which you can send us a photo:

  • You can either use a special form. You can affix your passport photo here and send it back to us together with your company health insurance fund Registration.
  • Alternatively, you can initially just send us the registra tion for the company health insurance fund and e-mail the photo later to․com
  • Another option is to use our photo portal, which can be found on our german homepage: Unfortunately, the portal itself is only available in German.

The card

We can only issue a health insurance card and send it to you once we have received your photo.

Until then, when sending you the confirmation of your insurance with the company health insurance fund, we will provide you with a billing slip, which a doctor can also use to invoice us.

Your signature is required on the health insurance card. No medical details are stored on the card.

Your contact for „benefits and services“

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