Becoming am member

The Deutsche Bank company health insurance fund is the exclusive health insurance fund for employees of Deutsche Bank and the many subsidiaries within the Group.

Spouses can also join BKK

Spouses of BKK members who are themselves insured with a statutory health insurance fund can also choose Deutsche Bank BKK – irrespective of their employer.

And, in order to ensure that what belongs together stays together, the children of our members can also remain with Deutsche Bank BKK, for example if they start an apprenticeship – also irrespective of their employer.

The only requirement is that they were previously covered by family insurance through their parents.

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Becoming a member could not be easier

It‘s easy to become a member – we are happy to help! In order for the BKK to insure you, we need the following documents from you:

1) Registration

Please complete the registration form, sign it and return it to us (BKK Deutsche Bank AG - Königsallee 60c - 40212 Düsseldorf). You are welcome to return your application for regis- tration by fax (+49 (0) 211 / 90 65-499) or by e-mail as a scan ( Alternatively, you can also complete our online registration in convenient interview mode.

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2) Applying for a social insurance ID

In Germany, you need a social security number, which we will be happy to obtain for you from the pension insurer. Please send us the application together with your BKK registration.

3) Photo for the health insurance card

We need a photo of you before we can issue a health insurance card. You can use the enclosed form for this purpose.

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